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Furniture is important to you. It is not just functional but says something about your style and who you are. Couches, chairs, and tables need to match what you think they should in your home and blend in with your décor. Before stopping by our furniture store, let’s look at some decorative rules for styling in your home.

The rule of three

Items go well together in groups of three. Be it three decorative items; three give a variety to the placement and where the eye goes. Two things mean that you look back and forth between two objects, which doesn't provide enough excitement.

Heights and scales

Look to create is a vignette of a small, medium, large, or high, low, high. When all items are the same, nothing gets noticed. This allows the eyes to travel around and focus on essential things.

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Styling objects is all about contrast. So you might have something small next to something significant. Or you may have something textured next to something sheen. If everything looks the same, then nothing feels essential.


Use colors to create a balance or a contrast. For example, if a table is dark, look for an item lighter in color to make it stand out. Or the reverse is also true; if the table is a light color, look for a darker item that highlights the space.

Foliage is friendly

Rooms can always benefit from something green. Be it fresh flowers or a branch that you cut from the yard, foliage can brighten up every space. Bringing the outside inside helps make the room feel more lived-in.

Make it personal

Let the items in your home tell your story. Maybe a particular piece that has a personal story behind it. Let the items on your coffee table be a special memory. Perhaps it is a passion that you have that you put on the table or mantlepiece.


Couches can be a beautiful addition to the living room, bedroom, or game room. It can be the centerpiece in one of the most heavily traveled rooms in your house. You want to look at its shape, placement, height, type of upholstery, and other benefits to grace your home.
Furniture in Attica, MI from Brough Carpets

Coffee tables

You want to consider the shape of the table first. If you have a rectangular table, then look for groupings in the rule of threes. If you have a round table, you want to mimic that shape with round items, like vases or glasses.

Entry console

With the entry to the home, you want to anchor the pieces with a mirror. So you can check yourself before you leave or when you arrive at home. Have a bowl or tray on the piece to place keys or wallet, or purse. If you have a round mirror, anchor it with round items, like a globe or a vase.


Depending on the size of your lamp will determine what else can go on a nightstand. Typically, a nightstand doesn’t have a lot of surface space, so it needs to be more utilitarian. It’s all about function. Bedrooms are for resting, so minimize the clutter as best you can.

We are here for those hard decisions

At Brough Carpets, we offer Ashley Furniture products to go into your home with style and elegance. Our furniture store is in Lapeer, MI and serves Lapeer, Columbiaville, Davison, North Branch, Imlay City, Attica, MI. We want to help you find the perfect furniture pieces for you. We invite you to come to our showroom and find what suits you and your home. When you need a piece of furniture, call us first.