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To some, carpet padding may seem like an unnecessary extra tacked on to your purchase for the sole purpose of frustrating you, the customer. To those who understand the benefits of high-quality carpet padding, however, it's clear that nothing could be further from the truth. This incredibly useful flooring accessory not only saves you money in the long run, it can also add comfort and quality to your life in a way that unpadded carpet cannot compete with.

When you step on a particularly soft section of carpet, and your feet feel comforted in a way that you've only dreamed about, you can bet that underneath the floor covering there is high-quality padding. It offers a layer of resilience, softness and cushioning between the hard subfloors and the top layer of floor covering, which not only makes the material on top feel better, it also makes it perform better, and for longer. The padding provides a buffer between the top material and the concrete or wood that the subfloor is made up of, which limits friction and decreases the squashing and rubbing of the carpet fibers, which keeps it looking newer for many more years than it would otherwise.

Carpet padding

The padding doesn't just maximize the number of years between flooring replacements; it can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills. It provides a layer of insulation between your home and porous subfloors, which keeps warm air in during the winter, and out during the summer, and saving you money on your electricity bills. That extra layer of insulation also minimizes echoes, as well as sound traveling through the floors, giving your home a level of peace and quiet that you've always dreamed of.

So if you've considered skimping on the carpet padding, assuming that it's an unimportant component of the flooring process, think again. Make sure you choose high quality materials for this unsung flooring hero.



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