After a long, hard day at work, there is nothing more inviting than a comfortable bed. The right mattress can make the difference between a relaxing, restful sleep and back injuries, discomfort and restless nights. At Brough Carpets, we bring local clients the promise of affordable comfort with our mattress products and services. Fast delivery and one of the largest catalogs featuring all of your favorite brands and styles makes it simple to find exactly what you are looking for. Our express delivery makes it possible to replace your worn out mattress fast, ensuring that you can spend your nights in luxury in no time. And with the lowest prices of any retailer, finding the ideal product to fit your needs is just as easy as it is affordable.
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Sleep better

Sleep is one of the most essential part of being healthy, happy, and attentive during the day. Trying to get rest on a lumpy, unsupported surface is difficult if not impossible; issues ranging from tight muscles, knots in the shoulders and an unaligned spine cause pain and misery, not to mention a lack of quality sleep. It can be hard to focus on the day's work or be in high spirits if you spend your nights tossing and turning. The right mattress can provide back support that helps prevent injury and makes finding a comfortable sleeping position easier. Old bedding can collect bad odors, harmful allergens and other debris that decrease the indoor air quality as they are stirred beneath your weight. Ensure health and relaxation in your home by replacing your mattress at least every 8 to 10 years, and save money with our great deals every time!

Don't just dream of better comfort in bed—make it a reality. Call or visit our nearby store today to begin shopping for the best products and services for your home. If you are seeking a more restful sleep and better health in your home, come to Brough Carpets for the highest quality and most affordable mattresses!

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