Turn your tax refund into something you?ll love for years - Gorgeous new flooring

Turn your tax refund into something you?ll love for years - Gorgeous new flooring

Financial experts across the board agree that reinvesting your tax refund into your home is a wise idea. With our current sale, you can make your refund go further while saving up to $500 off new flooring for your home. The latest trends in flooring lend themselves to the rejuvenation of the season, and we?ve come up with three favorites to share with you.

Cool tone wood flooring

We think hardwood flooring will always earn a spot on the list for most beautiful floors, but the latest trend in wood flooring is taking a step away from the traditional look we?ve all come to expect. It?s back with a entirely new color palette that gives design professionals and home improvement enthusiasts fresh new ideas. We?re talking about gray hardwood floors, in so many shades we?ve seen their use in modern and contemporary households as well as urban farmhouse motifs.

Wood look tile flooring set in a unique pattern

The popularity of wood look tile has only just begun and we expect to see it around for years to come. Designers are setting the stage for something that can only be done with tile and arranging the plank-like tile pieces as if it is art. Herringbone patterns can set the stage to lead to a focal point in the room, while fans of contemporary styles are setting smaller wood look tiles in tidy geometric patterns. Whatever you choose to do with your wood look tile, know that you can?t be beat when it comes to trendsetter status.

Luxurious and stain resistant carpet

There is nothing that can compare to stepping out of bed and on to soft and luxurious carpet in the morning. Carpet adds warmth to a room like no other flooring type can, but a lot of homeowners worry about the longevity it offers when comparing it to other flooring types. Due to advances in technology, we expect a well cared for carpet to last over 15 years. Even if you have children, pets or other less than careful family members, you can enjoy the softness underfoot you?ve come to equate with the warmth of your home.

Whatever type of flooring you opt for, give your home the love it deserves by investing your tax refund back into it. Get your coupon now